Perl CamelSPUG

The Seattle Perl Users Group

Job Offers for Members

Some of our members do contract Perl programming work, while others are looking for full-time jobs. Accordingly, we are always interested to hear about openings for Perl Programmers in the Seattle area!

We can help you communicate your job opening to the hundreds of Perl programmers on our mailing list. By providing you access to our members, we are providing you with a valuable service at no charge. In return, we ask that you provide the following details of your job opening, to prevent our members from individually having to ask the questions that would elicit the same answers.

To submit your job listing for consideration, please email a plain text description of it containing the following details, to jobs {at}

Be sure to include instructions for persons wishing to apply or further inquire regarding the position.

SPUG officials will post announcements of such openings to our mailing list after ensuring that all details are complete. If you are reluctant to disclose any of these details, then you are encouraged to post your job announcement elsewhere.

Recruiters at Meetings

Although we are happy to help recruiters and contract programmers find each other, we recommend that recruiters provide information about job openings via Email, rather than by coming to meetings. (Although we find the technical discussions fascinating, some recruiters have found them to be unendurably dreary.)